To plan a route, search for your destination in the map bar. If you are navigating to a Starred Place, you can simply select it from the list of Starred Places that appears below the map bar when you tap it. You can also navigate to one of your contacts. To navigate to a location on the map that you don’t have an address for, press and hold the location on the screen to drop a pin.

Once you’ve found the right destination, tap the green navigation button in the bottom right corner of the screen. Now that Ulzi knows where you’re going, it will automatically select the fastest way to get there. However, you may want to change a few things about your route before you begin.

For example, Ulzi allows you to customize your route by changing a mode of transportation, moving anchor points to match Ulzi’s route to the one you take home exactly (even if you cut through a park), and changing the safe boundary for your route. Once you’re satisfied with your route choose to begin standard navigation, begin navigation using a safe route, or save the route for later.