Why did someone request to track me? 

When your friends and loved ones have Ulzi, they can request to track you. This lets them help you stay safe and helps give them peace of mind when they’re away from you. Before accepting anyone’s request to track you, please make sure you know who they are. When their request appears, you should also be provided their photo and phone number. If at any time you want to stop allowing them to track you, simply deselect “Track Me” next to their name in the contacts page.

Where can I see who I'm tracking? 

You can see who has accepted your request to track in the contacts page. You can also see who you are tracking by tapping on the map menu button to the right of the map search bar. Then tap on “People” underneath the map view options.  Before you can track someone, they have to accept your request to track them. Even then, they can customize when you are able to see them or pause all tracking.