If you don't allow Ulzi to access your location, it may display a banner which says:
"Ulzi is Actively using your Location"

To remove this banner, you'll need to change Ulzi's access permissions for your location.

Ulzi works best when you allow the app to access your location at all times, even when the app is off or running in the background. For iPhones you can change Ulzi's permissions in your phone's settings. To do this: 

  1. access your Settings
  2. scroll down to apps and select Ulzi
  3. the first option should be Location, tap it
  4. make sure Always selected

Allowing Ulzi to always access your location is helpful for:

  • letting your loved one's see your location with Loved One Tracking
  • sending automatic notifications to your contacts who set Geozones for you
  • updating your emergency contacts when you exceed speed limits they set
  • sharing your location with responders, emergency contacts, and law enforcement when you activate an alert